March 2021

Total Prizes
Perks Worth ₹25,000/-

1st Place
Perks Worth ₹25,000/-

2nd Place
Perks Worth ₹25,000/-

3rd Place

Portis Prize

Tezos Prize

Best Beginner Hack

Most Prettiest Hack

Most Technically Complex Hack
Perks Worth ₹21,000/- For All Participants
About Us
The Ingenious Hackathon is a 48-hour intensive coding competition partnered with IEEE. The problems are of a wide range and designed while keeping in mind an industry-oriented approach, with support from many partner companies.

This event has been, in the past, one of the most sought after and prestigious events of the festival with a large footfall from across the state. Every team works on the selected problem and is evaluated for their progress, innovation, and the practicality of their work, on regular intervals.

Open Source

Track Prize - ₹3000

Theme Track - Build something that can later be used by anyone around the world. There’s a whole lot of innovation possible here but you’ll have to be good and give it to the world.


Track Prize - ₹2500

Build an innovation which helps small businesses to scale or help them to reduce burden. For example: innovation in supply chain, money transfer, invoice generation, etc.

Greater Good

Track Prize - ₹2500

Build something for the earth, for the people, something that fixes a social problem or a scientific issue.

Safety Net

Track Prize - ₹2500

Build something that makes us safer. This can range from saving humanity from aliens to saving yourself from your neighbour’s kid(who has newly learnt pen-testing) to making your area safer from the creeps that make it unsafe.


Track Prize - ₹2500

Build something that’s fun to use. Something that can increase our dopamine levels. We really need it since the pandemic has started.


05:00 pm Opening Ceremony

05:30 pm Hackathon Briefing

06:00 pm All Hacking Begins

08:00 pm Dinner break

10:00 pm Fun Event / Hacker Hangout

11:00 pm Hacking Continues


Ingenious Hackathon is an initiative by some nerdy noobs at School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University. We want you in the limelight, while we manage the light and the technicalities. We want you to come and build & code. We provide everything else (Not transportation).

The maximum age of the participant must be 25. He must not necessarily be a college student.

26th-28th March, 2021

3-5 people. Lone-wolves strictly not allowed.

The companies will provide their juries who will judge the projects in the respective fields based on the development of the project during the 48 hours as well as a 10-minute presentation after the Ingenious Hackathon time finishes.

Reach Us



Organiser Address:

School of Engineering and Applied Science,
Ahmedabad University Commerce Six Roads,
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad- 380009 Direction
Contact Us
Kaushal Patil +91-7043132142
Arpit Vaghela +91-7600303434
Nisarg Thoriya +91-9104502001